Based in Hounslow are working to:

  • Promote the Independence and resilience of people on the autism spectrum in Hounslow.
  • Support Families and Carers in Hounslow
  • Build the skills, resources and capacity of group members
  • Develop a positive, ambitious and forward looking, sustainable group
  • Influence the development of services in Hounslow


Kingsley 8 Friendship Group

Meet at Hounslow Youth Club Kingsley Road,

Hounslow TW3 1NX

on Monday Mornings 

10am to 12 noon 

07401 715229

  • Raising awareness and acceptance of autism in Hounslow 
  • Expanding the opportunities of people on the spectrum to lead happy and fulfilling lives 

Our borough wide group is growing.  We connect with other groups, professionals, employers, services and the public.  We are connecting people with each other and connecting with the Council to develop the opportunities available in Hounslow.  

Kingsley Road
Hounslow TW3 1NX
07401 715229

The Group offers the chance to:

  • Share information about local services, training, workshops and resources
  • Take part in events that raise awareness and acceptance of autism 
  • Opportunities for professionals to connect with members
  • The chance to talk to people and share experience, skills and interests
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