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Posted by Roseann Connolly on Sunday, March 5, 2017 Under: Monthly Update

What Are Well-being Networks?

The term was coined in a research study done by the MPin Foundation between 2011 and 2013 in the South West of England and in one London Borough. A ‘wellbeing network’ describes the current connections in peoples’ lives not only through their social networks of friends, family, acquaintances, practitioners and colleagues, but also their connection to places they regularly visit and the activities they routinely do. 

Importantly, they are the connections that also impact wellbeing. Mapping place and activity as well as social (people) networks is a unique approach – and we feel it adds value and context to help understand social worlds. We systematically mapped these three types of connection and asked participants to rate the impact on their wellbeing for each. The result is a personal wellbeing connection map, based upon the perception of the individual alone, at one point in time.

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At the Kingsley 8 Monday Meetups we have been learning about Wellbeing Networks from Sally Gomme - we discovered that although we didn't know it Autism Hounslow is a Wellbeing Connection.  We want to forge a network of wellbeing support for autistic people in Hounslow and further afield.

As part of this members have attended a variety of meetings both at the Houses of Parliament and also at the Civic Centre in Hounslow.  We meet together and welcome people to come and visit and talk to us about how best to raise acceptance and awareness of autism all over Hounslow and beyond. 

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Roseann Connolly I am optimistic that autistic people of all ages, and their carers living in Hounslow will be able to get the services they need to develop and lead satisfying and rewarding lives free from stigma. I don't know how long this will take. We will work with health and social care professionals to develop our mutual understanding and knowledge of what needs to be done. We will not wait passively for services to be delivered to us but will take an active part in the development and where appropriate delivery of those services.

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