Carly Fleischmann is non verbal but has found her voice through Typing!

Posted by Roseann Connolly on Thursday, March 10, 2016
Bulwinder told me about a young autistic woman who is non-verbal but has learnt how to communicate in writing by typing.

This morning I was thinking about my conversation with Bulwinder and the importance of learning to listen and remembered her enthusiastic praise for Carly's writing.

I googled Cary Fleischmann and found that she has indeed found a voice and has found other's to voice her words and amplify her writings.

'We all have a voice we just got to get it out - from your optimistic believer.' 

Be inspired take the time to listen to Carly.

I'm new to blogging so haven't mastered how to elegantly insert a link - you have enough information to seek Carly out on YouTube or via google.

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