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Working Together is Success

Posted by Roseann Connolly on Tuesday, March 8, 2016,

People, ideas and opportunities are  coming together.  Yesterday Bulwinder told me how she helps her adult daughter stay calm on visits to the doctor.  The adult daughter has severe learning disabilities, is on the autism spectrum and can find visits to unfamiliar places difficult.  Bulwinder has learnt how to work with her daughter over an entire life-time. She 'lisens' to he adult daughter's non-verbal cues.  Over the years they have developed a routine around visits to unfamiliar places.  ...
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About Me

Roseann Connolly I am optimistic that autistic people of all ages, and their carers living in Hounslow will be able to get the services they need to develop and lead satisfying and rewarding lives free from stigma. I don't know how long this will take. We will work with health and social care professionals to develop our mutual understanding and knowledge of what needs to be done. We will not wait passively for services to be delivered to us but will take an active part in the development and where appropriate delivery of those services.

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